Chocolate Choux au Craquelin (Chocolate Cream Puffs)

Get ready to indulge in a decadent treat with our Chocolate Choux au Craquelin recipe! Perfectly crisp on the outside, filled with rich cream on the inside. Watch and learn how to make this French classic with a delicious twist in Food Fusion Style #happycookingtoyou #FoodFusion #digitalammi

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Prepare Chocolate Craquelin:

-Makhan (Butter) unsalted 60g

-Bareek cheeni (Caster sugar) 50g (3 & ½ tbs)

-Maida (All-purpose flour) 50g (1/3 Cup)

-Cocoa powder 8g (1 & ½ tbs)

Prepare Choux Pastry:

-Water 130ml (½ Cup)

-Makhan (Butter) 50g

-Sugar ½ tsp

-Namak (Salt) 1 pinch

-Maida (All-purpose flour) sifted 70g (½ Cup)

-Anday (Eggs) 2

Prepare Custard Cream:

-Doodh (Milk) 200ml

-Sugar 2 tbs or to taste

-Custard powder 2 tbs

-Water 2-3 tbs

-Whipping cream 100ml

-Melted chocolate



Prepare Chocolate Craquelin:

-In a bowl,add butter,caster sugar & mix well.

-On a bowl,place sifter,add all-purpose flour,cocoa powder & sift together then mix until well combined.

-On a butter paper,add & spread,cover with another butter paper & roll it out 1-2mm thick sheet with the help of rolling pin & freeze for 30 minutes or until use.

Prepare Choux Pastry:

-In a saucepan,add water,butter,sugar & salt.

-Turn on the flame,mix well & bring it to boil.

-Turn off the flame,add all-purpose flour & mix until well combined.

-Turn on the flame & cook on low flame for a minute.

-Transfer choux dough to a separate bowl & let it cool at room temperature.

-Add eggs one by one & beat on low speed until well combined & transfer to a piping bag with a round nozzle.

-On baking tray,place silicon mat,dip cookie cutter on cocoa powder & mark 5cm circles on it.

-Pipe mounds of choux dough on silicon mat.

-Take out chocolate craquelin from freezer,remove baking paper & cut into circles (5cm) with the help of cookie cutter.

-Transfer craquelin rounds on choux pastry & bake in preheated oven at 190C for 35 minutes (on both grills).

-Let them cool at room temperature (makes 15).

Prepare Custard Cream:

-In a saucepan,add milk,sugar,mix well & bring it to boil.

-In a bowl,add custard powder,water & mix well.

-Now add dissolved custard powder in milk,mix well & cook until it thickens.

-Remove from heat & let it cool completely while whisking.

-In a bowl,add whipping cream & beat well until soft peaks form.

-Add prepared custard & beat until well combined.

-Transfer to a piping bag with filling nozzle & refrigerate until chilled.

-Insert tip of custard cream filled bag into hole in each choux & begin piping with steady pressure until filled.

-Drizzle melted chocolate & serve!


Recipe By: Khadija Firdous

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