Malka Masoor Daal with Quick Achaar

This Malka masoor daal recipe is just what you were missing. And we made it even more interesting by adding an instant achar recipe for you. #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion #digitalammi #pakistanicooking #quickrecipes

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Prepare Malka Masoor Daal:

-Kali masoor daal (Black lentil gram) 1 & ½ Cup (soaked for 2 hours)

-Adrak lehsan paste (Ginger garlic paste) 1 tbs

-Lal mirch powder (Red chilli powder) 1 tsp or to taste

-Haldi powder (Turmeric powder) 1 tsp

-Tamatar (Tomato) 1 medium

-Water 5 Cups or as required

-Namak (Salt) 1 & ½ tsp or to taste

-Imli pulp (Tamarind pulp) 2-3 tbs

-Hot water ½ Cup (if required)

Prepare Tadka:

-Cooking oil ¼ Cup

-Lehsan (Garlic) sliced 2 cloves

-Zeera (Cumin seeds) 1 tsp

-Sabut lal mirch (Button red chillies) 4-5

-Curry patta (Curry leaves) 10-12

Prepare Hari Mirch & Lehsan ka Quick Achar:

-Raidana (Mustard seeds) black 1 tbs

-Raidana (Mustard seeds) yellow 1 tbs

-Saunf (Fennel seeds) 1 & ½ tbs

-Methi dana (Fenugreek seeds) ¼ tsp

-Ajwain (Carom seeds) 1 tsp

-Namak (Salt) 1 tsp or to taste

-Lal mirch (Red chilli) crushed 1 & ½ tbs

-Kalonji (Nigella seeds) 1 tsp

-Kala namak (Black salt) 1 tsp

-Kashmiri lal mirch (Kashmiri red chilli) powder 1 tbs

-Hari mirch (Green chillies) 150g

-Lehsan (Garlic) desi 100g (1 Cup)

-Sarson ka tel (Mustard oil) 1 Cup

-Sirka (Vinegar) ¼ Cup



Prepare Malka Masoor Daal:

-In a pot,add black lentil gram,ginger garlic paste,red chilli powder,turmeric powder,tomato,water, mix well & bring it to boil,cover & cook on low flame for 20-25 minutes.

-Remove tomato skin,turn off the flame & mash with the help of wooden masher.

-Turn on the flame,add salt,tamarind pulp,mix well & cook for 1-2 minutes.

-If required,add hot water & mix well.

Prepare Tarka:

-In a frying pan,add cooking oil,garlic & sauté for a minute.

-Add cumin seeds,button red chillies,curry leaves & mix well.

-Pour prepared tadka in daal & serve!

 Prepare Hari Mirch & Lehsan ka Quick Achar:

-In a frying pan,add black mustard seeds,yellow mustard seeds,fennel seeds,fenugreek seeds,carom seeds & dry roast until fragrant (1-2 minutes).

-Let it cool.

-In mortal & pestle,add roasted spices & crush coarsely.

-Add salt,red chilli crushed,nigella seeds,black salt,kashmiri red chilli powder,mix well & set aside.

-Roughly chop green chillies & garlic.

-In a wok,add mustard oil & bring it to smoke point.

-Turn off the flame & let it rest for 5 minutes.

-Add chopped green chillies & garlic,turn on the flame,mix well & cook on medium flame for 3-4 minutes.

-Add vinegar,mix well & cook for 2-3 minutes.

-Add prepared spice mix,mix well & cook on low flame for 2-3 minutes.

-Let it cool.

-Can be stored in an airtight jar in refrigerator until use.

Recipe By: Kanwal Mohsin

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