Moong Daal Halwa

Uniquely presented moong daal Halwa recipe for you. Make it, eat it, share it and enjoy it. #HappyCookingToYou

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  • Mong dal (Yellow lentil) 1 Cup (soaked for 3 hours)
  • Ghee ¾ Cup
  • Elaichi powder (Cardamom powder) 1 tsp
  • Doodh (Milk) 1 & ½ Cups
  • Pani (Water) ½ Cup
  • Cheeni (Sugar) 1 Cup or to taste
  • Badam (Almonds) 15-20
  • Pista (Pistachio) 15-20


In grinder,add yellow lentil,grind coarsely & set aside.

In pot,add ghee and let it melt.

Add grinded yellow lentil,mix well and cook on low flame for 15 minutes and mix continuously until ghee separates.

Add cardamom powder and mix well for 2 minutes.

Gradually add milk and mix continuously.

Add water and mix well.

Add sugar and mix well,cover and cook on low flame for 20 minutes then mix until well combined.

Add almonds,pistachios and mix well until it leaves the sides of the pot.

Garnish with almonds & serve!

Recipe By: Seema Hanif

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