Paratha Rollups Lunch Box

A quick and easy paratha rollup’s recipe for your kids lunch box. #HappyCookingToyou #OlpersMilk #FoodFusion #DIgitalAmmi #DigitalMom  @Olper’s Milk 

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Prepare Chicken Spread:

-Chicken fillet boiled 200g

-Mayonnaise 1/3 Cup

-Cream cheese 1/3 Cup

-Dried parsley ½ tsp

-Lehsan powder (Garlic powder) ½ tsp

-Kali mirch (Black pepper) crushed ½ tsp or to taste

-Dried oregano ½ tsp

-Namak (Salt) ¼ tsp or to taste

Prepare Paratha:

-Prepared dough

-Cooking oil 1 tsp

-Cooking oil 1 tsp


-Kheera (Cucumber) deseeded & grated

-Gajar (Carrot) grated

-Olper’s Cheddar cheese slices 2

-Olper’s Chocolate flavoured milk



Prepare Chicken Spread:

-Chop & shred boiled chicken with the help of knife & set aside.

-In a bowl,add mayonnaise,cream cheese,dried parsley,garlic powder,black pepper crushed,dried oregano,salt & mix well.

-Add shredded chicken & mix well.Homemade chicken spread is ready!

-Chicken spread can be stored in an airtight jar for up to 1-2 weeks in refrigerator (enough to make 6-8 paratha rollups).

Prepare Paratha:

-Take a small dough,sprinkle dry flour & roll out with the help of rolling pin.

-Spread cooking oil & fold all sides to make a square shape.

-Press gently,sprinkle dry flour & roll out with the help of rolling pin.

-Grease griddle with cooking oil & cook paratha from both sides util golden brown.

-Cover with kitchen towel for dew minutes to soften paratha.


-On paratha,add & spread prepared chicken spread,cucumber,carrot,cheddar cheese slices & roll up (makes 6-8 paratha rollups).

-Cut into pieces & place them in a lunch box with Olper’s chocolate milk.


Recipe By: Seema Hanif

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