Garlic Cheese Bombs/Buns

An amazing new creation by Food Fusion Garlic Cheese Bombs/Buns. This recipe is inspired by our foolproof Coffee buns recipe, after many trials and testing we were able to bring you something that you may have never seen before. #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion #PakolaFullCreamMilk

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Prepare Garlic Butter Topping:

-Makhan (Butter) salted & soft 150g

-Lehsan powder (Garlic powder) 3 tbs

-Maida (All-purpose flour) 2 tbs

-Namak (Salt) 1 pinch

-Anda (Egg) 1 large

-Orange food color 3-4 drops

Prepare Dough:

-Warm water ¼ Cup

-Khameer (Instant yeast) 2 tsp

-Sugar 1 & ½ tbs

-Maida (All-purpose flour) sifted 3 Cups

-Namak (Salt) 1 tsp

-Cooking oil 2-3 tbs

-Pakola Full Cream Milk warm ¾ Cup

-Cooking oil 1 tsp

Prepare Herbal Cheese for Filling:

-Cheddar cheese grated 1 Cup or as required

-Mozzarella cheese grated 1 Cup or as required

-Lal mirch (Red chilli) crushed 1 & ½ tsp

-Mixed herbs 1 & ½ tsp



Prepare Garlic Butter Topping:

-In a bowl,add butter,garlic powder,all-purpose flour,salt,egg,orange food color & whisk until well combined.

-Transfer to a piping bag & set aside.

Prepare Dough:

-In a small jug,add warm water,instant yeast,sugar & mix well,cover & rest for 10 minutes & set aside.

-In a bowl,add all-purpose flour,salt & mix well.

-Add cooking oil & mix well until it crumbles.

-Add yeast mixture & mix well.

-Gradually add milk & knead until dough is formed.

-Grease with cooking oil,cover & let it proof for 1 hour at warm place.

Prepare Herbal Cheese for Filling:

-In a bowl,add cheddar cheese,mozzarella cheese,red chilli crushed,mixed herbs & mix well.

-Take a small mixture (20g),make a cheese ball & refrigerate for 10 minutes.

-Stretch & knead dough again until smooth.

-Sprinkle dry flour,take a small dough (40g),make a ball & sprinkle dry flour.

-Roll out the sides of dough with the help of rolling pin & gently press the center.

-Place herbal cheese ball in the center of rolled dough,apply water at the edges,gather all the edges,pinch & seal & make a round ball.

-On a baking tray lined with butter paper,place prepared buns,cover with damp kitchen cloth & proof for 30 minutes.

-Pump out the garlic butter topping in circles on top of the buns (makes 16-18).

Option # 1: Baking in Oven

-Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 18-20 minutes (on both grills).

Option # 2: Air Fryer

-Place butter paper and prepares buns in the basket of air fryer and air fry at 180C for 10 minutes.

Option # 3: Pot Baking

-In a pot,place steam stand/wire rack,cover & preheat on medium flame for 10 minutes.

-Place buns tray,cover & bake in pot on low flame for 15-20 minutes.


Recipe By: Kanwal Mohsin

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