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Plain lassi, mango lassi, creamy lassi and lichee lassi recipes all recipes in one energizing video. Recipe Detail
Fresh cool and refreshing summer drinks recipes for you. Karbooza (Melon) Juice, Imli& Aloo Bukhara Juice, Shikanjbeen, & Alocha /Aalo Bukhara (Plums) Juice. Recipe Detail
Try this simple #Falsa #Juice recipe to beat the #summer #heat #purple #fruit #jhatpatrecipe #pakistan #recipe #foodfusion Recipe Detail
Refresh yourself with #watermelon #juice #JhatPatRecipe #FoodFusion #Recipes Take Good Care of yourself in this #Summer Heat. Recipe Detail
Little chef Haniya with parental supervision makes this amazing chocolate milkshake using Wall’s Creamy Delights. Have a fun activity with your kids this weeke[..] Recipe Detail
Food Fusion brings you a simple step by step Kashmiri Chai Recipe (Pink Tea) to enjoy in the winters. It’s our version tailored to Pakistan taste. Recipe Detail
Its getting cold, try some hot chocolate! If you don’t know how to make hot chocolate, you will be amazed to see how simple it is. Recipe Detail
Creamy hand beaten foamy coffee recipe all at home. You don’t need any fancy tools to make the coffee you always love. Recipe Detail