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A perfect fusion of Nan Khatai and Coffee. You will definitely fall in love with this recipe. Make Coffee Nan Khatai today and let us know how it was. You will also[..] Recipe Detail
The best Nan khatai recipe without oven and any fancy tools. All readily available ingredients. Give it a try and Enjoy. Recipe Detail
Basbousa a beautiful dessert recipe. Recipe Detail
This is not just any cake. Its an Orange Chiffon Cake with extra smooth texture and great taste. Try it and let us know how you like it. Recipe Detail
6 year old little chef Haniya made these #Chocolate #Chip #Cookies. Try this simple recipe with your kids and have fun. Recipe Detail
The most intense chocolate treat “Fudgy Brownie” Recipe . Save this for Eid and impress the guests. The kids love it, the elders admire it and the guests[..] Recipe Detail
A lovely Chocolate Mousse Cake recipe in Urdu and English. Make it for someone you love. Recipe Detail
A perfect cake for the perfect ocasion. Now get chocolate cake and icing recipe both in quick and easy recipe video. Recipe Detail
The best lemon cupcakes wtih buttercream icing recipe you will ever find. Recipe Detail